World Class Chef Creates Dinner for Six

Unique Dining Experience:
World Class Chef Creates Dinner for Six

Master Chef Roger Stettler, executive chef at the Four Seasons Resort Maui offers to prepare a private dinner in your home for six people complete with wine pairings. This rare experience could quite possibly be the best meal you have ever eaten. Master Chef Stettler’s culinary knowledge is wide. Though classically French trained, he is well versed in German, Italian, Swiss, Thai, Korean, Caribbean, and US cuisines. Certified a Master Chef in 2004, Chef Stettler has achieved the highest accreditation attainable in his field. He is the only Master Chef on Maui—and he wants to collaborate with you, the dinner party host, to customize a delectable four course meal including wine. The unique dining experience is not to be missed and is only available through the Noble Chef.
In-home four course private dinner for six with wine pairings prepared by Master Chef Roger Stettler, the executive chef of the Four Seasons Resort Maui.
Not included:
The Noble Chef gratefully thanks Master Chef Roger Stettler and the Four Seasons Resort Maui for their generous donation to the Maui Culinary Academy.